Shocking facts about kamba men.

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1.kamba men are always settle for less that is they do not push for more but take what is available.

2.kamba men can betray you in that you can not strike a deal with a kamba man and expect the secret to be hidden for long.

3.kamba men are not ambitious hence they believe since life is short, there is no need to struggle to own the world

4.kamba men are polite in their dealings and are therefore best men a lady may want to date.However, ladies do not prefer them since they are coward.

5.Kamba men are handsome.A large number of kamba men are naturally handsome.

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Kamba meals you should expect in kamba woman’s house.

They are common meals you should expect when you visit a kamba waman’s house.These meals include the following ;

1Muthokoi.This refers to maize grains whose husks have been removed.This is common among kamba women since is their favourite hence chances of being offered this meal when you visit them is very high.

2.Matoke.It is a favourite food among kamba women although it originated from uganda.

3.Chapati.Kamba women are always good at preparing chapati since they love it.Therefore it is common food they aways cook for their visitors.

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Social life of kambas

Kambas are a Bantu ethic group who live in eastern and southern areas. They are formerly known as agriculturists. Kambas also keep considerable number of cattle sheep and goats.Their staple food include millet, sorghum and maize.Kambas have different clans including Aombe, Atangwa, Asii and Aiyini.

This clans have different funny characteristics as discussed below;

Aombe is a clan considered innovative with other clans viewing them as stupid for their insistent nature.This clan is also famous for carving a wooden short that made them a laughing stock among other clans.Also it is known for insisting on things ‘Makinda’that is they are known not to give up whenever they put their mind on something.

Atangwa is another clan known for their love for meat.They can salivate a an animal is being butchered while Asii clan would not taste liver even at gunpoint.

Aiyini another clan, their clansmen are known for their love foe women and for this reason are polygamous.